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Rag Dolls Mobility

Rag Dolls Mobility

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Have you ever bent down to pick something up and tweaked your back? Does your job require a lot of physical exertion and your body always feels tired/sore? OR do you have a desk job and do very little moving around? Do you have an old injury that flares up? Do you want to train pain free?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it should. It plays out for everyone in different capacities. Tight neck/shoulders, lower back pain, carpal tunnel? These are just a few areas people experience difficulties. 

You get injured, you suffer, you feel better, all for the cycle to repeat itself without really fixing the underlying issue.

These nagging aches and pains play a big role on how happy and capable we are on a daily basis... It doesn't have to though. 

You have the ability to solve all this. I have seen it with people I have worked with. A little education, a couple movement exercises, and some committed practice can make a huge impact on the way you feel and function. 

It is a very small investment, with an upside of saving time, money and energy. You will boost your mood, move pain free and feel great knowing your bettering yourself.   

Become a professional of your body and how to heal it. 

In the workshop you'll learn:

-Joint mobility (what it is and why its so important)

-Joint mobility vs. Stretching

-Fixing posture

-Movement drills

**NOTE: This is not yoga**

Workshop is very interactive, so you will leave the with a clear road map on how to live pain-free!


Location: Pure Wellness Studio 

Dates: Sept 9th & 23rd 

Time: 9:30am-11:00am

Cost: $79.99/per person  

*gst not included 

Send me an email to reserve your spot. 

See ya there!

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